VEVOLVE is a creative AGENCY founded in 2016 by betsey long. vevolve works with Recording Artists, Songwriters, Authors, and Painters. As the creator, naturally the first release WAS Betsey long's latest LP "Gorham Woods." The album was released by VEVOLVE Records in 2016.

'gorham woods' is focused on sexual ASSAULT, depression, and healing. As a survivor of these mountains in life, Long felt a cathartic release as she poured out her deepest screams onto wax. vevolve donates a portion of the proceeds from each album sold to our choice of Human Trafficking Awareness Non-Profit organization. our top three are currently Destiny Rescue, My Sister, and Not For Sale. This is the ultimate goal of VEVOLVE, to cathartically create ART that BRINGS FORTH emotional healing from the projects beauty to both the creator and the receptor. With each artist VEVOLVE will donate a portion of the proceeds to whatever non-profit organization correlates with that particular work of art. VEVOLVE promises to thoroughly research each non-profit ORGANIZATION'S ETHICAL AND MONETARY BEHAVIOR BEFORE DONATING. OUR GOAL IS to SPREAD AN EVOLUTION OF LOVE TO THE WORLD. LOVE COMES IN MANY FORMS. WE WILL BE RIGHT HERE HOLDING YOUR HAND IN A PROGRESSION OF LOVE THROUGHOUT THE WORLD.